Water Soluble Fertiliser

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Availability: 10 in stock

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Water Soluble Fertiliser

Water Soluble Fertiliser:

This balanced formula generates vegetative growth / length for the development of plants.
Easy to apply, safe to use and contains elements: NPK, magnesium, trace elements;
Always the same composition thanks to stringent quality control;
Quick effect due to strong, fast performance;
This water soluble fertiliser dissolves entirely and quickly because of the special ingredients and the ‘Bright Solution System’;
Excellent price / quality ratio; Recommended for use with Microgarden Indoor Herb garden.


Our Hydroponic Water Soluble Fertiliser composition is always the same due to stringent quality control. We love this fertliser, it dissolves entirley leaving no sediment making it the perfect fertiliser to use for hydroponics.

This fertiliser is ideal to use when growing seedlings, when using Microgarden’s Plant Pods and for all indoor Hydroponic Smart Gardens. Air plants love it too.

Wash your hands if you come into contact with the fertiliser.

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