Stainless Steel Pegs

Stainless Steel Wire Pegs
Marine Grade 316 ( Pack of 20 )


Stainless Steel Wire Pegs
Grade 304  ( Pack of 20 )


Perfect if you live near the ocean and want to leave your pegs outside.

They will never rust and are perfect for boats or coastal use.

Perfect for almost everybody except if you live near the ocean.

You are making a difference:


  • Plastic Free laundry solution.
  • Completely zero waste – steel peg can be recycled and cotton bag can be composted.
  • Reduce landfill and ocean pollution.




  • Strong stainless – steel peg made out of one piece of wire – no breaking or falling apart.
  • Lasts for life , so a great investment and value for money.
  • Resistent to weathering and rusting.
  • Comes in handy double – drawstring cotton bag. ,Cape Town , South Africa ,Kerry 072 282 9770

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