• Help ! I have a problem.


What to do:


1) Check that there is water in the basin.


2) Check the Drippers:

Activate the water cycle( turn the timer off and then immediately turn it on again )check the drippers to see if they are working.If you find one that is not working then take the dripper off the pipe ,if the water is coming out of the pipe and not the dripper then this means the dripper is blocked.You need to run some water over it to clear the blockage and then refit.(See Picture below)

3) Check the Timer:

If the Green light DOES NOT show when the Timer is set on either of the three settings, then you need to check the Power supply to see if its light is on,if so then the Timer is faulty.! ! You can bypass the timer by connecting the pump directly to the pipes thereby manually watering your plants till your new timer is fitted.


4) Check the Pump:

If the green light of the timer is on and the system is not watering then you need to check the pump - connect the pump directly to the power supply , if the system still does not water then the pump is faulty.


5) Check the Power supply:

 If your system is not watering and all of the above have been checked and are in working order then its possible your Power supply is faulty.There should be a light showing on your Power supply once plugged into an electrical point.If there is NO LIGHT - test the plug on another electrical point ,if the light still does not show then your Power supply is faulty.


WARRANTY: All electronics and pump are guaranteed for 6 months from purchase.


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